President’s Message January/February 2017

Posted on January 10, 2017

Greetings and a Happy New Year to All:


One of the most active Committees in our Bar Association is the Foreclosure Committee chaired by Attorneys Louis Zowine and Edward P. McCreery, III. They faithfully schedule monthly meetings which are well attended and very informative! Although Lou threatens to leave and retire when he sells his Trumbull home, I commend him for his superlative work for the GBBA!


The Budget Committee met, and with Nancy Ganassini’s help, worked out a viable 2017 list of anticipated

expenses and revenue. Invoices went out recently for our 2017 dues with an earnest request to add an additional sum for “sustaining members.” Dues, and this additional charge, have resulted in a financially stable Bridgeport Bar Association, and I personally urge members to send in dues as we face 2017 expenses. Membership applications are available on the GBBA’s website.


Thanks to Attorney Fred Ury for a very informative and well attended seminar on the new enacted MCLE



Our Law Day Committee has been very active planning the GBBA’s annual Law Day celebration which will  held at the Bridgeport Holiday Inn as it has for the last several years. The Hallen Elementary School chorus will

participate, and this year’s Liberty Bell Award will go to The Center for Family Justice located on Fairfield Avenue, Bridgeport. Please await the notice which will go out in April.


Attorney Kathleen Dunn organized a very successful hot lunch at The Thomas Merton Center. Kathleen makes a supreme effort to buy all the food which is prepared by GBBA “helpers” who then serve a hot lunch to over 200 people including young families with children! What a joy it was to see such happy faces…thanks Kathleen!


The holiday season is always a happy one, but this year was dampened by the loss of Attorney Irv Kern who died at an early age after practicing with Cohen and Wolf for over 40 years. The enormous crowd at his funeral service attested to Irv’s great personal appeal and expertise as a lawyer. Shortly after, we lost Attorney Vincent Simko, a veteran lawyer whose energy had no bounds! Both “gentlemen of the law” will be sadly missed.


The GBBA hosted its annual Holiday Party this year with record attendance at the Black Rock Yacht Club. As many members knew in advance, our wonderful Executive Director, Nancy R. Ganassini, announced her retirement, and we used this festive occasion to celebrate and honor Nancy for 14 years of service! Along with speeches, the GBBA gave Nancy a monetary retirement gift which was well deserved. Thank you, Nancy: you will be missed by all!


Recently I had a conversation with a fellow lawyer who was convinced, and had no trouble in convincing me, that lawyers, perhaps in general, and in our area, have lost the respect of the community. My point is that the community at large rarely sees or hears about all the good works, pro bono work, and other endeavors that attorneys and bar do for the common good. I am open to all suggestions as to how to “plead our case” so that our profession (one that I have proudly been member for 45 years) can regain the respect that attorneys once had. We are all proud of our profession, and we should be able to say so!


Upcoming GBBA Events

  • October 23, 2018 1:30 pm: Updates In Family Law Seminar (Continuing Legal Education)

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